We define Media Partnership & Collaborations as an exclusive teamwork between our organisation and partner organization that brings mutually beneficial publicity. Media partnership can add credibility to both the organizations by promoting the important information on each ones media, which will increase the wide readership. We act not only as media partner but also as publishing partner for your conference. As a publishing partner we will publish selected articles of the conference with minimal pricing in our related journal.

Benefits we provide to Media Partner:

  • Pre-event promotion through our social media networks (Twitter and Facebook etc.)
  • Listing your conference in our website
  • Promoting the conference among the members of our association
  • As an Official Publishing Partner, we also publish the articles that are selected for conference with nominal price in our related journal.
Benefits we expect from the Media Partner:
  • Recognition of Science Research Journals as a Media Partner and /or Publishing Partner of the event.
  • Including logo and web link of the Science Research Journals at the conference website.
  • Including logo of Science Research Journals in all printed and digital media‚Äôs.
For further queries please contact us at scienceresearchpublication@gmail.com.